Hi, I am Sue,

I am so very glad you got here today. I am almost sure you might be going through what I went  just a short while ago. I understand your pain, I understand you worries, I WANT to help, I CAN help you

A few months ago the doctor detected that I had cysts on both my ovaries, I was in pain, Serious pain. I looked all over, I talked to  many doctors, and it seemed like all they could come up with was to remove my ovaries. They were not going to be missing having children, I was!

What could I do? Where could I go to get help? I browsed all over and I was not finding any solutions. Not until I found Laura´s web site.

Finally there was hope! Finally a potential solution to my problem was preesented in front of me. I read over  her book and I was very glad I did!.

The solutions she offered were all natural, no removal was ncessary anymore, they were alll simple to follow and best of all THEY WORKED!

By the way, if you would like to read her book you can also do it here