Dr Oz Video

by Sue

I found a video of Dr. Oz on his show today and he was talking about ovarian cysts.   What he mainly talked about was how to detect ovarian cysts or rather, the symptoms you might experience.

The symptoms he mentioned that are most common are

  • Bloating – bloating you feel in your abdomen
  • Urinary incontinence – this gets worse as the size of the cyst grows
  • Pelvic pain – gets more intense in time
  • Nausea and vomiting – not always, but not uncommon
  • Of course you should always visit a physician to get these symptoms checked out since they do not always indicate an ovarian cyst.

    • alma mowery

      I had uterus removed n a cyst in right ovary now dr tells me I have another in it . Tryin to get insuranced started the dr that did my first surgery wont see my me bacause i owe them I hurt from top of stomach to back of lower ribbs nback n pelvic area would like some advise what really to do

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