Foods Not To Eat When You Have An Ovarian Cyst

by Sue

Much as we would all like to eat anything we want, whenever we want… some foods are actually not good for you.  That is, they can do you harm, either indirectly or directly.

This is what helped me.

Generally speaking, anything in moderation won’t really hurt you.  With that in mind, here are some foods that anyone suffering from an ovarian cyst should avoid.  They will aggravate and exacerbate your cysts, and they will also hurt your body’s balance in such a way as to always allow the formation of cysts.

Try to avoid caffeine.  Yes, I know.  So many wonderful foods and drinks have caffeine.  But what matters far more than a few minutes of sipping a coffee in an outdoor cafe is to be cyst-free and healthy.  Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, affects your kidneys and dialates your blood vessels.  It also has a bad effect on cyst production.

That means you should try to eliminate Cokes and other soft drinks, coffee, tea, and (sorry to say this) chocolate.  Of course you can help yourself by getting caffeine free coffee and tea, but even with decaf, there is always a residual element of caffeine.  It is really genuinely better to be caffeine free.

Also, reduce the amount of processed foods and sugar you eat.  Yep, no more Hostess Twinkies or Oreo cookies!  Sugar stimulates the production of insulin and causes your blood sugar to spike.  Again, it has a bad effect on your body producing cysts.

Stop drinking alcohol since it hurts on a lot of different levels.  I used to love my glass of wine, but I eventually was able to stop by thinking of it as “un-necessary” calories.

Finally, limit the amount of meats, eggs and processed foods you eat.  I know.  You’re thinking “Whats Left?”  Actually, there are a lot of great foods left.  Think of the positive side of it and not the negative side.  Think that you are opening up yourself to whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh salads, organic meats, fresh fruit.  You can even treat yourself every now and then with a small indulgence of chocolate gelato or some other “healthier” treat.

The thing is to help yourself.  Don’t hurt yourself.  The accumulated affects of so many years of bad diets are sickness, lack of health, immobility and all those things that we don’t want for ourselves.  The accumulated affects of a lot of years of good diets are just the opposite…. health, vitality, good skin, healthy hair, mobility and flexibility.  It is such a simple choice.

  • moni7

    Cyst are supposed to rupture so why was your ovary removed?

  • moni7

    Women who suffer from ovarian cyst usually lose weight from the nausea . Its rare that it causes weight gain.

  • selvi

    i undergone a surgery for chocolate cyst will it form again? what are the preventive measures

  • Shannon Gibbs

    Some cyst rupture and cause part of the ovary to rupture as well and can essentially “kill” the ovary.

  • Shannon Gibbs

    That is not true. The hormonal change causes excessive bloating and water weight gain.

  • ACE

    What about dairy products? I was always told to avoid these are they contain hormones.

  • Dana

    Hello, I am 20years old and just been told I have a 9.6cm cyst on my ovary, iv been in pain for years and doctors ignored it, now i may need my ovary removed. But want people on here not to worry. My friend had a baby with half an ovary! And end of the day im just glad it wasnt cancerous. I was depressed and had body dysmorphia and i think the more positive attitude you have the less pain I get. I am scared for my operation but cant wait to be pain free :)

  • Sbrian

    I am 22 years old, fit and healthy and have had a traumatic experience with cysts. A few days after turning 21 and I was at work and felt an awful pain in my ovary. I was rushed into A&E only to find out I had a cyst on my left ovary which had grown over my tube causing no bloody flow to my ovary causing my ovary to die. The cyst was 12 cm big. A year later I have just been told that I have another cyst on my right ovary which is 18.5 cm big which has to be removed via surgery, like my first one. This has completely ruined my opportunity of having children. The worst thing about this is that I have no one to talk to about it.

  • Samira Mirbagher

    hi, im 22 yrs, ei hav a 4cm Ovarian Cysts, it hurts me a lot and i cant sit or walk without pain,
    i am vegeterian for 5 years and i want to know are these cystes because of that or not.
    thank you.

  • Lily

    I have suffered with cysts on my left ovary for years. I’ve changed my diet, I work out, I cleanse my body, and I’ve had surgery to have them removed. Not only did I just get them back again, I feel worse after my surgery then I did before. My surgery was a year ago and I just can’t seem to shake this foggy brain and bloated feeling ever since. It’s hard for me not to feel like giving up, it’s been such a struggle. Despite this exhausted struggle, I have learned a lot about my body and am able to be aware of things that most people would shrug off and ignore!

  • Ingrid

    I have just turned 15, and yesterday i foun out that i have a 7 cm ovarian cyst.
    My doctor says i should wait a couple of months before i take any decision, but i am really scared, i didn’t know what to eat till now, thank you for this article!

  • pinkie

    Have you gone through with the operation..please let me know

  • pinkie

    I’m really sorry to hear what you are going through

  • Shikira Pressley

    There is no medical evidence to support all of your claims, and Red wine actually a drink that stimulates reduced stress if done in moderation. Excessive weight hugely often triggers the issue, yet medically speaking highly qualified doctors do not know what specifically causes cysts on the ovaries, just that hormone imbalance plays some part – a healthy diet crucial for being fit and well, yet will not eradicate cysts in itself. Herbalists and alternative doctors are often costly, do not provide specific medicinal answers either, your product guide a drop in the ocean however well meaningful it is. I would simply recommend regular exercise that involves some degree of impact like swimming or walking – not running or jogging – these place strain on the ligaments and stress the body enormously. Drink plenty of tap water (bottled variety has plastic toxins) throughout the day, it is okay to eat processed foods as long as they accompany an equal portion or more of healthier foods.

    Spinach and beetroot salad for instance – fish fingers are perfect accompaniment. Tins of new potatoes are very cheap and nutritious – I always add these with all kinds of salads and some hummus. The more green and leafy you eat the better, adding a tin of drained sweetcorn and chopped shallots, cubes Feta cheese just as healthy. Eating hearty salads (not basic) sort will ensure you enjoy eating healthily at least three to four days in the week . For Beetroot salad I also use Red wine vinegar as it helps to absorb excess grated carrot juice, I also drizzle salad with Olive Oil before adding Feta cheese and sweetcorn as it moistens rocket and spinach leaves. If you have a sweet-tooth, Ice lollies are perfect for afters if the acid in fruits mean you hate the taste. I always eat two thin fruit ice pops after a meal as it curbs your appetite later in the evening and quenches any thirst (many) people mistake thirst for being hungry, I now never crave food after mealtimes since doing the ice-pop thing.

  • ivyveres

    i also have ovarian cyst i just been diagnose with it and i saw this website thanx for what not toeat and what to eat im going to do it ….

  • Nikki

    I absolutely agree. I’ve followed a vegan diet and my cysts have been few, small, and far between. It has made a huge difference in my life (after all, I no longer feel like I’m dying because of cysts a few times every year) I’m doing it because I want to have kids in the future, and need my lady parts to stay in the best shape possible. It’s tough, but it’s totally worth it.

  • C.B

    Hi Sbrian sorry about what you have had to go through, and I want you to know that you do have someone to talk to, especially when there is no hope and all things fail, his name is Jesus. Psalm 145:18 says The Lord is nigh/near unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. I dont know if you remember a woman in the bible named Hannah who didnt had any children and prayed and ask God to give her a son, and in return she will give him back to God to work in the temple and do God’s work all his life. God gaved her a son, because she believed in God, and God gave her five more children after that. You can read more about this story in 1st Samuel chapter 1 and on. Continue to be encourage and let the Lord direct your path.

  • KKLaRue

    I am 29 I’ve had ovarian cysts since I was 14 technically although it wasn’t discovered till I was 16 and had my first sexual intercourse is that they found out that I have them I was in the hospital for 48 hours getting all sorta test done and then it comes to find out I had a cyst bigger than a grapefruit rupture I thought that is supposed to get operated on it been going to the gynecologist because I want to get on birth control before he started having sex. I found the diet strictly it doesn’t work at top of that I’m also in the mix so unfortunately I need the red meat even though I do eat spinach and broccoli and all the other fun happy greens. I actually have a cyst that ruptured Wednesday so this is day 3 of dealing with the pain because they can’t prescribe anything cause if the pain gets worse that means there’s a possible holy terror in the ovaries. on top of that I never knew my true weight when I have these because until it’s fully trained in the bile is out of your system you do not know you do gain weight but then after its all drains you ended up with less weight so in fact you do lose weight but you don’t know it until after. I found that the pain can last as little as four days to as much is 7 weeks depending on the size of the cyst I have never been fortunate enough to have an operation to remove them they rupture on their own. the best way that my OBGYN told me they’re called is spontaneous ovarian cysts terrosus 2 percent of women have it. on top of it has rendered me with a 97 percent death rate if I ever have children so I will never have children. it is a genetic disease. my sister has poly cystic fibrosis in her ovaries, however she has two beautiful girls and the doctors worried that she may have more my aunt also has cysts and the doctor told her she was sterile and she has now 10 kids and find you going through menopause at 53 years old. they’re painful annoying but there are things you can do when you think you have one big thing do not take a bath. a bath can actually cause the ovarian cyst to rupture and you will be in a lot more pain than when it wasn’t rapture believe me. also the best thing to use believe it or not is a heating pad and to lay on your stomach on the heating pad not on your back. for the most part I do follow this diet I haven’t lost any weight infested gain weight doing this diet but it has somewhat work the only thing I cannot stay away from is the red meat because my knee Mia I try but then I pass out so then I have to eat a burger I don’t mind giving up the coffee and a chocolate every now and then to settle it chocolate craving that you really really desperately need I have hot cocoa. definitely definitely stay away from coffee, coffee is terrible. right now the birth control their testing on me for the ovarian cysts is the implant its not working I’m getting them and it seems to be that since I’ve been on birth control since I was 16 and now I’m 29 they’re coming back full force I’ve been in the hospital about 4 times in the last month left once a week because of how bad the pain it. my question is does anyone know if tying your tubes can help with these things cuz I can’t deal with this anymore I’m about to sign up for hysterectomy if that’s what it will take I just can’t deal with it.

  • KKLaRue

    the best thing for you to do is move as much as you comfortably can. I tend to go for a walk to the gym on the treadmill closest to the bathroom because unfortunately when you have one you may have to use the bathroom sink you do more often than most because its pushing on your bladder so that’s the only side effect I asked for work depending on what you do you can I have been everything from a waitress which I don’t advised going to work if you are a waitress or anyone that has to move around a lot. but again its up to you if you’re comfortable doing it then that’s fine I went to work today after 2 days of my cyst rupturing I was in pain I am for my manager and they let me take breeding break and sit down breaks. I’m a baker right now and the smell of food makes me nauseous and they know it.

  • KKLaRue

    Go with skim to 1% dairy items. the hormones people are one you about come from lactose. I am lactose intolerant but I can stomach skim milk and 1 percent cottage cheese that’s probably the worst thing to eat is cottage cheese but I love it the best dairy product you can have is yogurt

  • KKLaRue

    most doctors aren’t positive on what they can trigger and most doctors can’t tell you these things because unfortunately they are protected and if they tell you these things need to change your diet and you have allergic reaction they are at fault therefore unfortunately to protect them you can ask your doctor what can I eat but he cannot tell you all you can tell you was with medically wrong with you and what the medical field can help you. you have to ask specific questions or they can not tell you anything, that is with all doctors. as for cheese as long as it doesn’t contain lactose or it doesn’t go higher than 1 percent milk fat you’re fine stick with cheddar it has no lactose expecially Cabot

  • KKLaRue

    doctors can’t really prescribe anything to get it to go away they can ask you about birth control but that’s about it the only thing they can prescribe you want to have a ovarian cyst is pain medicine but motrins the best

  • KKLaRue

    this is the first time I’m hearing that an ovarian cyst can cause ovarian cancer. I wouldn’t rule it out I mean it might be able to cause it but unless you have a history of the in your family I would put you mourn the address of not having it but I would definitely do your own research on the internet talk to people and talk to a few different doctors

  • KKLaRue

    you gain weight when you have the cyst when the cyst is removed or ruptures on its own and after you feel normal I are you might have lost a pound or two but by then you’re already back into your normal routine you wouldn’t even notice. So its both. I have jeans that are a size 18 for when I have a cyst and a size 12 for when I don’t and every size in between just in case

  • Lilo

    I am 27 years old and I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts when I was 26, but I’m not sure how long I have had them for. I have cysts on both my ovaries and kidneys as well actually! however, at the time I received my results of the first pelvic ultrasound, my doctor said that they are so small that for now I should just go and get checked every 6 months to see if they have shrunk, got bigger, or simply went away. It has now been 6 months past and I have to call to schedule my next appointment for the pelvic ultrasound, however, since I also missed my period for this month (the first it has EVER happened since I first got my period) my doctor also recommended an intra-vaginal ultrasound, the only problem is that I am still a virgin and not sure if that is a good ida (P.S. it was my choice, i’ve had bf’s before, but none of them were worthy, so no judgements please :) Anyway, I guess I’m looking to see if anyone else is in my particular situation, virgin and all, and whether they have gotten the intra-vaginal ultrasound to get a better picture of the ovarian cysts, and whether or not it is necessary to get the intra-vaginal ultrasound. Also, I have been experiencing cramp-like pains, but not sure if it has to do with the cysts?? Any insights/comments would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

    P.S. the recommendations of foods to eat sound really good, and I’m going to start today!

  • Lilo

    I am 27 tears old and was diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both my ovaries when I was 26 years old (not sure how long I’ve had them before they got discovered) however, they are so small that my doctor recommended getting checked every 6 months to see whether or not it has shrunk, got bigger or simply disappeared (which is what i am desperately hoping for). This month is the first month that I have missed my period, and I have NEVER missed a period until now; I told my primary doctor about it and she recommended an intra-vaginal ultrasound as well, to get a better look at the ovaries; however, I have NEVER been to the GYN since I am still a virgin (Yes, it is my choice, I’ve had bf’s before but none of them were worthy, so no judgements please :) so I’m a little afraid of getting the intra-vaginal ultrasound, and I’m not sure how appropriate that procedure is for virgins. I guess I am looking for anyone in my situation (virgin and all) who was referred for an intra-vaginal and if it is absolutely necessary to get one if suffering from cysts. Also, I have been experiencing cramp-like pains, but I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the cysts?? Any insights/comments would be very helpful and greatly appreciated! :) Wish everyone well!

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