Foods Not To Eat When You Have An Ovarian Cyst

Much as we would all like to eat anything we want, whenever we want… some foods are actually not good for you.  That is, they can do you harm, either indirectly or directly.

This is what helped me.

Generally speaking, anything in moderation won’t really hurt you.  With that in mind, here are some foods that anyone suffering from an ovarian cyst should avoid.  They will aggravate and exacerbate your cysts, and they will also hurt your body’s balance in such a way as to always allow the formation of cysts.

Try to avoid caffeine.  Yes, I know.  So many wonderful foods and drinks have caffeine.  But what matters far more than a few minutes of sipping a coffee in an outdoor cafe is to be cyst-free and healthy.  Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, affects your kidneys and dialates your blood vessels.  It also has a bad effect on cyst production.

That means you should try to eliminate Cokes and other soft drinks, coffee, tea, and (sorry to say this) chocolate.  Of course you can help yourself by getting caffeine free coffee and tea, but even with decaf, there is always a residual element of caffeine.  It is really genuinely better to be caffeine free.

Also, reduce the amount of processed foods and sugar you eat.  Yep, no more Hostess Twinkies or Oreo cookies!  Sugar stimulates the production of insulin and causes your blood sugar to spike.  Again, it has a bad effect on your body producing cysts.

Stop drinking alcohol since it hurts on a lot of different levels.  I used to love my glass of wine, but I eventually was able to stop by thinking of it as “un-necessary” calories.

Finally, limit the amount of meats, eggs and processed foods you eat.  I know.  You’re thinking “Whats Left?”  Actually, there are a lot of great foods left.  Think of the positive side of it and not the negative side.  Think that you are opening up yourself to whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh salads, organic meats, fresh fruit.  You can even treat yourself every now and then with a small indulgence of chocolate gelato or some other “healthier” treat.

The thing is to help yourself.  Don’t hurt yourself.  The accumulated affects of so many years of bad diets are sickness, lack of health, immobility and all those things that we don’t want for ourselves.  The accumulated affects of a lot of years of good diets are just the opposite…. health, vitality, good skin, healthy hair, mobility and flexibility.  It is such a simple choice.